To allow full control of your Google Glass you must first turn on Debug Mode. This will allow you to connect ADB to your Glass as well begin to code and utilize Glass to your machine. First make sure that you have your Glass turned on. Once it is fully powered on make sure you are at the “ok glass” screen.

Now swipe your finger toward the back of your head (Cards to the left) until you reach your “Settings” card.


Tap the side of your Glass to enter the settings sub-menu. Swipe toward the front of your glass (Cards to the right) until your see “Device Info”.


Tap on the this card to pull up additional information on the device. Swipe forward (Cards to the right) until you see “Turn on debug”


Now tap your Glass and you will now have Debug Mode turned on! If you navigate back to the same card, it will say “Turn off debug” in case you want to disable debug mode at a later point. With Debug Mode enabled you now have the power to install third party Glassware, mirror Glass to your computer and other great development features. Keep in mind to only tinker with your Glass at your own risk . If you have any questions or concerns feel free to ask!

By: Andrew Pritykin