One of the best things about being a Google Glass Explorer is the capability to try out the latest and greatest applications developed by the community. In this tutorial I will go over the steps to install and also how to uninstall applications to your Glass. Before this tutorial make sure to have Debug Mode Enabled and have the Android SDK Installed.


In this tutorial we will be Side Loading (Installing via ADB) Glasscopter; a remake of a very popular web based helicopter survival game. Once you download the application titled “GlassCopter.apk” move the file to your ADB directory. For example my directory is C:\Users\FinalTrigger\Documents\Code\adt-bundle-windows-x86_64_20131030\sdk\platform-tools.

Now that we have our application in the same directory as ADB we can launch our terminal. You can do this either by changing your directory to your folder or perform a shortcut by pressing  Shift+Right Click and select “open command window here”.

Connect your glass to your computer with the original Glass USB cable. If you use any other USB cable you may run into detection issues. To check if your glass is connected type adb devices.











After inputing that command you should see your Glass ADB number and the status “device”. The next step is to install the application into glass using another ADB Command.











To install any application to your glass input the following command: adb install [application.apk]. For this tutorial we will type: adb install GlassCopter.apk.

Now navigate through your glass and look for the application. In my demo I use voice commands to start the application. “Ok Glass”, “Fly a helicopter”.












Congratulations you have successfully installed your first Glass Application via ADB!

Now this is fantastic, what if you want to uninstall your glass application. The commands to do this is not the exact opposite to install.

Navigate back to your terminal and type the following command: adb shell pm list packages.













As a result your terminal will list all the application packages currently on your glass. At a first glass they all may look the same besides the end of each package. This is where you will look for your application package, or a package that resembles your installed application.

Now that we know what the package of our application is named we input the following and last command: adb uninstall [package name]. For this tutorial our command with package is adb uninstall mohammad.adib.glasscopter.

Congratulations you have successfully uninstalled your application from Glass. Now the process to sideload and uninstall this application is the same for all other Glass applications. So now you have the knowledge, go out there and try out the other great applications for Glass that currently cannot be installed by the MyGlass page.

Warning: Install applications at your own risk! Some applications may not work and/or cause your Glass to perform differently.

*FOR MAC USERS: Type [./] before any adb command. For example – [./adb devices]*